Interior Lighting

The correct interior lighting design gives a warm and vivacious appearance to your environment. Allow Fetchalamp to help you in all aspects of interior lighting.
Understanding four basic types of lighting will help you achieve your desired result:

1.    Ambient or general lighting – Illuminates the whole room and is less targeted than other forms of lighting. Installing a dimmer switch can have a dramatic effect on the look and feel of an environment.

2.    Task lighting – Is lighting specifically for a task e.g. cooking, reading and is targeted for that activity. Good task lighting should be achievable so that no straining of the eyes is necessary.

3.    Accent lighting – Is targeted lighting that is used to highlight a sculpture, or architectural feature in a room. Accent lighting is commonly around three or four times as bright as ambient lighting.

4.    Natural lighting – Depends heavily on the time of day, season and weather and can vary in brightness and intensity. It is normally achieved through strategically places windows.

Fetchalamp can help with any aspect of your interior lighting or exterior lighting requirements, contact the lighting store team today.